Men's Fashion Wearing Tips

Trimmings on Dress Pants, Cuffs and Pockets, Fashion Tips for Men

Men can opt to have their dress pants embellished with trouser cuffs or not. It all depends on their personal preference although there are some unwritten rules on when pants can have cuffs or go cuffless. On the other hand, front pockets are typical but are positioned to make it less visible while back pockets are optional. cuffless is on of the most important mens fashion things they should have.

Trouser Cuffs

Trouser cuffs, that small strip at the leg edge of dress pants are not essential trimmings of this garment but are great options for most men. Trouser cuffs weigh down the fabric of dress pants pulling them down neatly and avoid the flapping of the leg pants. A well-structured trouser cuff should lie against the back of a man’s shoe and cover the top of the shoe front. For tall men, trouser cuffs give a visual shortening of the legs and directing the focus on the face and chest. Conversely, shorter men should avoid cuffs for exactly the same reason, it shortens the legs more.
Usually mens should know that how to wear a trouser properly. pleated trouser pants are embellished with cuffs while plain-front trouser pants are normally without cuffs. This is not exactly a hard and fast rule, but following this “rule” is a wise option for men so as to attain some balance and avoid drawing much attention to the trousers.

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Trouser Pockets

Conventionally the front pocket aperture of dress trousers is a vertical slit normally with very little hemming to lessen the visual impression, in a way concealing the pocket as much as possible. Although more casual, some dress pants are made with slanted pockets with a distinct hem and this is still acceptable. Scooped style pockets usually seen on jeans are very seldom used for dress trousers but are an acceptable feature of corduroys or other casual pants for men.

Back pockets on dress pants are normally plain horizontal slits, and these days come with a button. But pockets can be eliminated from the picture particularly when it is a pair for a suit. The suit jacket has more than enough space to keep the necessary items men carry with them. This maintains an even draping of the trouser at the back and also makes sitting quite comfortable.