Different Collections In Fashion Shows

Today the fashion shows are the best place to showcase the new varieties of the designers. There are many designers are working and introducing new and different designs. People wanted to wear dresses according to the season and the style which is on fashion.

Fashion shows are the best opportunity for the new and the old designers to bring their collection and new verities. Most of the ladies purchase the dresses on time which they like. The designers also prefer to give the opportunity of ramp walk to the models that are very famous and to whom people like to see on ramp. These fashion shows are the platform of introducing new and different collection to the people .

Bridal wear:

Bridal wear is the dress which is prepared for the bride. This dress is totally different with the dresses that others wear on a wedding. This dress is the, main topic for the people to discuss. The dress that the brides wear has to be very important because it is the special day for her and everything should be delicate.

Now in this modern time there is a huge variety of bridal wear that the brides prefer to wear and that is totally different with the dresses that the brides used to wear in the past. Different styles and new designs of the dresses have also been introduced to give the bride a unique look.

Designer wears:

Designers started introducing new dresses and some of them known as the trend setters.

Designer wears are very popular now days. These designers are also having their different boutiques. They design different types of cloths for different occasions like bridal dresses, formal, casual, party wearing etc. It is not necessary that all the designers are making good cloths and introducing new designs wears in all collection.

Different designers are experts in their own styles and famous for that. Those people who only prefer to buy designer wear and never wear otter collection. These designers also give the opportunity to their regular customers to buy designers wear in discounts and most of the people specially wait at the sale.…

Tomato Face Mask Beauty Tips



Ripe Berry


Kul tomatoes fine as powder, apply tomato powder directly to the face


Clean oil is good for your skin is hairy


15 -20 minutes, 1-2 times / week

There is also the Cosmetic mask is extracted from nature is not only particularly suitable for oily skin, but also suitable for many types of leather with many special features.

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Trimmings on Dress Pants, Cuffs and Pockets, Fashion Tips for Men

Men can opt to have their dress pants embellished with trouser cuffs or not. It all depends on their personal preference although there are some unwritten rules on when pants can have cuffs or go cuffless. On the other hand, front pockets are typical but are positioned to make it less visible while back pockets are optional. cuffless is on of the most important mens fashion things they should have.

Trouser Cuffs

Trouser cuffs, that small strip at the leg edge of dress pants are not essential trimmings of this garment but are great options for most men. Trouser cuffs weigh down the fabric of dress pants pulling them down neatly and avoid the flapping of the leg pants. A well-structured trouser cuff should lie against the back of a man’s shoe and cover the top of the shoe front. For tall men, trouser cuffs give a visual shortening of the legs and directing the focus on the face and chest. Conversely, shorter men should avoid cuffs for exactly the same reason, it shortens the legs more.
Usually mens should know that how to wear a trouser properly. pleated trouser pants are embellished with cuffs while plain-front trouser pants are normally without cuffs. This is not exactly a hard and fast rule, but following this “rule” is a wise option for men so as to attain some balance and avoid drawing much attention to the trousers.

The real #MENSTYLE
Is the result of #SIMPLICITY in man’s #ATTITUDE
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Trouser Pockets

Conventionally the front pocket aperture of dress trousers is a vertical slit normally with very little hemming to lessen the visual impression, in a way concealing the pocket as much as possible. Although more casual, some dress pants are made with slanted pockets with a distinct hem and this is still acceptable. Scooped style pockets usually seen on jeans are very seldom used for dress trousers but are an acceptable feature of corduroys or other casual pants for men.

Back pockets on dress pants are normally plain horizontal slits, and these days come with a button. But pockets can be eliminated from the picture particularly when it is a pair for a suit. The suit jacket has more than enough space to keep the necessary items men carry with them. This maintains an even draping of the trouser at the back and also makes sitting quite comfortable.…

Men’s Fashion, What to Wear Under the Jacket

For your business casual suit or jacket, what you wear underneath is very essential to achieve that casual yet elegant look both at work and at play. Here are some ideas on what would look great and trendy this season underneath that jacket that will really bring out your sartorial elegance.

Knit is neat

Knit turtle necks, knit shirts with funnel neck, V-neck knit shirts, crewneck knit shirt, polo neck knit or zip down knit shirts, knit is neat under a suit or sports jacket or on its own. For colors, get your inspiration from colors or hues stitched into your tweed or bouclé wool sports jacket. Knit shirts come in a variety of material such as silk, polyester and cotton among others It also are available in several knit patterns such as diamond pattern, honeycomb pattern, jersey knit.

All these fabrics and knit patterns are comfortable and sweat absorbent, except silk, and are great to be worn under a suit or a sports jacket. The beauty about knits is that it can be worn on its own and is an acceptable wear for the workplace and anywhere else for that matter.

Dress shirt

A dress shirt is must-have apparel for any self-respecting working guy. This is the standard wear underneath a suit or a sports jacket. The norm for a dress shirt is the less busy the better. Solid colored shirts are safe but if you want to opt for prints then let it be stripes or checks. It is checks that you prefer then let it be a more subdued both in color and design. Dress shirts are also acceptable on its own in most offices. Just have the suit or the sports jacket ready for when you will have that important meetings wearable cloths or when you have to meet a client.

Business casual pants

Suits come with dress pants, but if your preference for a business casual wear is a sports jacket then you have plenty to choose from. Khaki, cotton twill, linen, light wool, seersucker, corduroy, gabardine, khaki twill are great materials for business casual pants.…

What Is Latest In Fashion?

Few years back only cloths were in fashion and known as new fashion but today’s fashion is not only cloths it includes clothes, shoes sandals, jewelry, handbags, and other accessories. Just like cloths these things also change according to the fashion and latest styles.

Today fashion is being followed in all the countries of the world according to their tradition, culture and style. People from different categories follow those styles and latest fashions according to their budgets and limits. Most of them don’t follow anything they make their own styles and setup their own style, they have certain reasons for that and they also think that fashion is just nothing or waste of time.

By showcasing new and latest fashionable cloths and also introducing new styles and ways of carrying cloths and accessories these designers and trend setters are making a very smart amount also by doing different fashion exhibitions. Fashion has changed the standard of living of people and they love to look like fashionable and dressed up according to the latest style that is why fashion is important.

Some people do not think about others they just want to look good for their own and get dressed up and do fashion for their own self not for others. They feel proud and comfortable doing fashion for their own self. There are different benefits for those who love to do fashion such as you can achieve your goals and be success and it also helps you in your professional life You can be very successful in your professional life because people give new and different chances to fashionable people.

By doing fashion you can also others about your taste and show them the way you dressed up and carry yourself because that is the way you can show others what you are and what your taste is.  It also represents your style and personality.…